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  • Anabel got a break as a singer at Disney-owned US TV network ABC Family. But things took a wayward turn when she met Lee Foss. “Lee and Jamie were playing in LA and I had to see them,” she says. “I met Lee and my friend was like, ‘Hey, she’s a singer!’ The next week […]

  • Details and tickets here: MYPET are a duo from LA who make creepy, sexy, dark grooves. They just released a video for their debut single, ‘Pays To Know’, which “leaves behind the confections of modern music and dissects the hierarchical relationship between a rabbit and a snake: both are in implicit understanding of their natural […]

  • Anabel Englund lends her vocal talents to “Hot Natured” for Reverse Skydiving. Comprised of EDM’s most recognizable names, Hot Natured are producers Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C, and Ali Love. Credible dancefloor names in their own right, the collective grew out of original members Foss and Jones’ production outfit and label Hot Creations. The […]